Sunday, 19 June 2016

George Osborne: a brief profile

Naked ambition. He will lay down his country for his life. Someone who works obsessively on his own future but who gambles with other people's money and rights. A dangerously dedicated and selfish worker for his own gain. A ruthless liar.

What an epitaph for a Chancellor of the Exchequer!
He is due for a shock. Perhaps many shocks as his plans come to naught.
It is for reason of his obsessive ambition that Osborne has made the most disgracefully untrue claims of the outcome of the Referendum for Brexit.
He has staked his own future on the outcome of the vote: if we stay IN, he gets Cameron's job. If we Leave, he gets nothing except a well deserved kick in the pants. As a Telegraph headline on Thursday (June 16th) declared, "Chancellor finished if Britain quits Europe, say scores of Tories."
The claims that he would bring in an Emergency Budget after a vote for Brexit was the last straw. That claim alone could damage Britain's ratings, our future borrowing and trade deals. He has launched the most extraordinary claims of disaster for the British economy following a vote for Brexit. Instead of focusing on the best possible outcome, he is fictionalising on the worst case scenario and he has persuaded his friends on the IMF and other international bodies to do the same. Why? Because Brexit for George is Curtains. He is staking his entire career in a gamble that he can kill the Brexit surge with his dire predictions of disaster, job losses, tax hikes and austerity.  So that he can replace Cameron as Prime Minister.
But he is a fool without political judgment. Few in the Conservative Parliamentary Party will forgive him or vote for him as a result. Few if any Conservative MP's would support him in a leadership election. Following his announcement that he would, after a vote for Brexit deliver an Emergency Budget involving tax hikes and austerity cuts, he was lambasted. Sixty-six Conservative MP's said they would vote down such a Budget. Labour would not support it either, and in the Daily Telegraph Business section, the respected columnist, Ambrose Evans Pritchard wrote that Osborne should "no longer be trusted with the keys to 11 Downing Street."
I agree. He has already messed up the housing rental sector and has caused three revolts in Parliament over his ill judged Budget austerity cuts on the poorer people in our society.
Worse, Osborne still believes he can become the next British Prime Minister. But he can only do so if British voters choose to Remain in the EU.
Otherwise he is very definitely OUT of the running. Therefore he is lying and twisting the truth to serve his own ambition: even if his claims damage his country.
His fraudulent claims that the rich will be the ones to benefit from Brexit, delivered last week in Porthmadoc, North Wales are the exact opposite of the truth. The rich, whether citizens of the UK or international power brokers and financiers, businessmen and elites of all kinds are clearly the ones to benefit from a vote to Remain in the EU. The Brexit vote belongs to the poor, the hard working middle classes and those who believe in Britain as their nation and who have had enough of handing control of their destiny to unelected committees of other countries and the unelected EU government in Brussels.
During and after Cameron's failed negotiations with the EU, Osborne was buzzing from capital to capital trying to fix his future by ratting on Britain's interests.  He is visibly prepared to sacrifice his country to his own goal of becoming Prime Minister.
He will never make it. Nor is he capable. In the Cameron/Osborne deal forged on the anvil of the Blair/Brown deal, he will fail. Why?
Because he does not have what it takes to govern 'one nation' or to be that special unifier of a government called "First Among Equals."
Osborne must go. And the faster, the better, for the good of this country.

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